Creative Aging: Reawaken the Artist Within


The Creative Aging movement is coming to the Denver Public Library. This fall, we will be offering classes taught by professional artists and designed specifically for adults age 50 plus.

This means you can learn how to paint with acrylics or watercolors, sing with other members of your community or try your hand (literally!) at ceramics. 

All children are artists but as we grow older many of us lose that creative spark. The Creative Aging movement recognizes that one of the great gifts of getting older is that we can reawaken that creative impulse and bring joy and meaning into our lives in the process. 

Creative Aging uses artistic engagement and instruction to foster healthy, happy and meaningful lives for older adults. It replaces the cultural narrative that views aging as decline with one that recognizes older age as a season of heightened learning, creativity and vitality.

Research shows that people who participate in Creative Aging classes have:

  • improved cognition and motor skills
  • fewer doctor visits
  • increased levels of social engagement, psychological health and self-esteem
  • lower rates of loneliness and depression.

Please join us for one of the Creative Aging classes listed below:

Creative Aging classes are funded by the NextFifty Initiative, a Colorado-based private foundation dedicated to funding innovative, mission-driven initiatives that improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Written by Amy on September 5, 2019