Legos at the Montbello Library

We love LEGOs at the Montbello Library! Thanks to some generous donations from the community, we have our very own set of LEGOs to play and build with here, and we’ve been having so much fun! For our first LEGO Build Day, we raced through a series of engineering challenges. Participants worked alone or in teams to build LEGO bridges capable of supporting a single library book. There was also a competition to build the tallest structure, and another to build the largest single-color construction. Our wall of winners was full of names!

Our second LEGO Build Day was focused on creating our entries for the upcoming LEGO Building Contest. The theme is Building Books, so we all brought our favorite books and worked on making characters or scenes from them. You should see the great Pete the Cat that some of the children made together! We also have a Very Hungry Caterpillar, and an awesome Pikachu from the Pokémon Black and White series. Other notable creations were the duckling from Mo Willems’ book The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, and a spectacular yellow lion.

If you haven't made a LEGO entry yet, don't worry-there is still time! You can bring your Building Books LEGO contest entry by any Denver Public Library branch during the week of April 1-7 for judging. Read a great book, build something awesome, and win prizes!

Written by Shanna on April 3, 2014

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