LEGOs are taking over Cherry Creek

How many LEGOs do you think are in this jar?
YUM LEGOs are taking over Cherry Creek

LEGO bricks have been spread all over the Cherry Creek branch these past few weeks. There was a LEGO brick road, a LEGO replica of Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library (built by our resident LEGO master), a LEGO jar guessing game, LEGO rainbows for our story time regulars, and even a chocolate LEGO making party a few weeks ago. Families stirred patiently and poured their chocolate mixtures into block molds to make LEGOs you could build with and then eat! Other kids and adults spent time building with different kinds of blocks, making bookmarks, or checking out Cherry Creek's collection of LEGO books.

Lots has been happening but it's not over yet - we were gearing up for the Denver Public Library LEGO Contest and now it's time for entries to start rolling in!

Bring in your LEGO entries for this year's contest theme, "Building Books." Entries will be accepted this week (April 1-7) for the chance to win at the branch level, and perhaps move onto the Central Library Final Contest. The deadline for entires at Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library is April 7 at 6:00 p.m. If you have questions, please email


Picture is up!

Thanks for asking - we'll get a picture and post it ASAP!

Where's the picture of the Lego Cherry Creek Library?
We want to see it!

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