Legends of Martial arts

Having recently watched the "Grandmaster" in theaters, it really got my juices flowing for the martial arts genre. Here are a few must see from recent years.

The Bruce Lee Ultimate Trilogy has 3 of Bruce Lee's films "Big Boss," "Way of the Dragon" and "Game of Death." What can I say that hasn't already been said about Bruce. All I can say is, must see!


IP Man: The legendary grand master of Wing Chun and master to Bruce Lee, comes a very good movie about some misfortunes in IP Man's life and how one man stood up against a nation. Based on a true story.


IP Man 2: When worlds collide and Western boxing is matched up against Chinese boxing (Martial arts) who will come on top? The Grand master must step up and make history. Based on a true story.


Fighter in the Wind: Considered the most influential style of full contact karate, Masutatsu Oyama goes on to fight every level of black belt, he also defeats bulls with his bare hands! Based on a true story.


Ong-Bak:The Thai Warrior: When the head of his village's sacred Buddha statue is stolen, simple country boy Ting (Tony Jaa) is sent to Bangkok to retrieve it. He is trained in Muay Thai, but vowed never to use it. Once he arrives in the big city, however, he is forced to fight.

Written by Eazy on September 10, 2013


Anonymous on September 11, 2013


Love the Bruce Lee movies.Way of the dragon is a forgotten gem.

Eazy on September 11, 2013


Classic movie, doesn't get the same attention "Enter the Dragon" does, even though it should. very good movie

Anonymous on September 13, 2013


Game Of Death" was and still is called an unfinnished movie because it came out long after Bruce Lee's death. That did not stop my friends and I from enjoying this movie many times.Bruce Lee movies were cheap and fun 40 years ago.I still get a kick out of them today!


One can only wonder what the finished product "Game of Death" would of been like if Bruce was still alive to finish production his way, In my opinion "Game Of Death" could of been probably his best film. Personally my favorite of The Bruce Lee movie's is "Way of the Dragon" because Bruce is showing his funny side in a few scenes and for the epic chuck norris vs. Bruce Lee show down


Game of Death 2" came out after Game Of Death. But I don't remember it. But I looked up Bruce's movies and there it was.


After Bruce's death there have been a whole genre of movie's with his name, style or some sort of reference to Bruce Lee being release. The main characters in those films either try to look, sound, act in every way like Bruce Lee, if I remember correctly there were more then 50 movie releases with Bruce Lee name in the title after his death, I've heard the number being as high as 200 but most of them released in china. Truly has to be one of the strangest phenomenons in the film world.


Yes,I remember movies with actors that sounded like Bruce Lee. There was a Bruce Li who was popular. I didn't realize there were so many others but I remember a bunch of them. None better than Bruce,but all cheap and fun to go see.


Agree he is the father of the martial arts genre and the main reason the genre went main stream. All of his movies are classics and fun to watch

DJ Emir on October 19, 2013


I always liked the Gordon Liu Movies (Gordon Lau Gai Fai) especially 8 diagram pole fighter Heroes from the east aka Shaolin challenges ninja) 36th chambers and return to 36 chambers. My favorite Bruce Lee movie has always been enter the dragon for the scene with Bob wah and the classic line by Jim Kelly R.I.P. in response to Han's "It's defeat you must learn to prepare for" ... "I don't even bother, when it comes I'll be too busy looking good" :) classic. Also has Jacki Chan making an appearance as one of the thugs that gets hit with the Nun Chucks (Er Chi Kuen).


Gordon Liu is awesome but, seems to get over shadowed by the more main stream names in the Martial arts genre in America, such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
There were some pretty sweet one liners in the "Enter the Dragon", Bruce campbell would be proud(In my opinion the King of one liners).

Jackie Chan actually begun his career in Bruce Lee's films, Jackie's first ever film was "Fist of Fury" and his role was being a stunt man and the following year being a stunt man for "Enter the Dragon". For martial arts fans that's a pretty cool fact.

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