Learn Something New by Watching these Great Documentaries

If you're like me, you love learning about new ideas and people by watching documentaries. I'll admit it, I am a documentary nut! Here are just a few of the documentaries that I have seen lately that I think are noteworthy.

Marwencol is about a man who is brutally attacked outside of a bar and suffered severe brain damage. Unable to afford therapy, he builds a scale model World War II-era town called Marwencol, where he lives out his fantasy life. When I was watching this documentary, I couldn't help but feel how real the movie felt. Many times, when I watch documentaries about people, I feel that they sugar-coat the darker side of peoples' lives. This movie didn't do that, and it portrayed the man in a beautiful, respectful way.

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a great documentary that is about two of the computer industry's pioneers, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and the competitive fight they had to rule the computer empire. If you want to learn more about the history of some of the most commonly used devices that we use every day, this is the documentary for you! Also, the film is presented as a dramatization of the actual events, so it is very entertaining to watch as well.

One of my favorite documentaries is a TV series that aired on PBS. This TV series, This Emotional Life, explores the neuroscience behind our emotions. It offers advice based on scientific evidence on how to improve our relationships, cope with emotional issues, and become more positive individuals.

If any of these documentaries sound interesting to you, place a hold for them and see for yourself why documentaries are so great!

Written by Julia on April 12, 2012

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