Your First Time

Do you remember your first time? 

Keegan, age 22, remembers. "I was new to the neighborhood. It didn't take any time at all!" Zac, age 31, also remembers. "My Mom held my hand through the whole thing!" Toby, age 52, just smiles. "I remember being so happy!" 

Sound familiar? If not, your first time getting a library card is now! Register online or stop by a convenient branch location. Help your co-workers or neighbors join the fun. Friends help friends get library cards.

And if you *think* you have a library card or it hasn't had much action lately, let us help you get a new card or explore one of our many services! Below are just a few hands-on opportunities to get the most out of your library card in September!

Anytime is the right time to get a library card. We look forward to making memories with you!

Written by Laurie. on August 29, 2014


Anonymous on September 3, 2014


Aww, I remember getting my first library card at the Putterham Branch of the Brookline (Mass.) Public Library, and the supreme responsibility of writing my name in cursive on the back!

Anonymous on September 4, 2014


First thing I did when I moved to Denver- got a library card in both Jeffco and Denver county! Before we even signed our lease!

Kate A on September 10, 2014


My first library card was issued to me in the 1980s at the Ross-Uhills branch library before they remodeled. Love(d) that place!


Was your first card the brown paper card? The color reminds me of "brown paper pages" from the song, "These are a Few of My Favorite Things!"


Yes! I had the brown paperboard card! Then I switched to the white plastic one with the red logo. That one has barcode stickers from several other Colorado libraries, so I'm reluctant to turn it in for a new card, even though the new ones are really slick.

Anonymous on September 18, 2014


My first card was from the bookmobile in my hometown in Minnesota. My brother, sister, and I looked forward to our bookmobile visit every week - it was always sooo cool walking up those steps into the book lined bookmobile!

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