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Anytime is the right time to explore history. The 100th anniversary of “the greatest war” evokes cries from ghostly trenches. An assassination may have sparked World War I but a blueprint for conflict existed long before the first shot. This war gave us shell shock, machine guns, and "a lost generation."

If All Quiet on the Western Front is the last book you’ve read about “the war to end all wars,” consider reading a title from our intentionally short list.* For in doing so, you may discover, “The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even the past.” (William Faulkner)



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*Thanks to Mark Langston, Ross-University Hills Branch Library, for his recommendations.

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Written by Laurie. on July 7, 2014


Josh J on July 9, 2014


I loved the Harlem hellfighters, I will try to read some more from this list.

Laurie. on July 10, 2014


Thanks for reading! I didn't know anything about the 369th regiment until reading Harlem Hellfighters. If you want more graphic nonfiction, watch for a separate list of WW II titles which I'll be posting soon.

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