Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you- Jan Švankmajer!

His name is Jan Švankmajer and he is probably hands down the most creative, disturbing, artistic movie director who has ever lived!

My statement above is no joke; I swear, even the master of darkness (Stephen King) cannot compete with Jan Švankmajer. Seriously-- take a look at one of his films! I swear, they appear to be from another planet.  Even though it might seem that Jan Švankmajer is seriously loony!!! I must say he is a creative genius!!!!

You might be a little hesitant to watch one of his films at first glance.  This is understandable because of the sheer madness that appears to be on all of his movie covers (LUNACY, for example). Although these movies might look strange and like something you will never, ever watch, keep an open mind and at least give one a shot. They are one-of-a-kind films.

Since the silent era of films, there has not been a movie that said so much with so few words as does THE COLLECTED SHORTS OF JAN SVANKMAJER : THE LATER YEARS. VOL. 2. The first time I watched this film, I was so taken back by it that I completely lost my mind for the remainder of the film's running time. This movie is a collection of about eight short stories that occur one after the next. Although I went bonkers for a bit because of this film, I swear it expanded my movie horizon way beyond the norm--I honestly find this film to be one of my favorites because of that.  

Another bizarre movie in Švankmajer's arsenal is one I've already reviewed: LITTLE OTIK. From what I can tell, this movie has become really popular among Denver Library customers. I will quote my last review: "Little Otik is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen" (reference my "Strangest Movies Ever blog" for full review). Even though it may be strange, the fact of the matter is that it will grab and hold your attention from beginning to end. Also, because this was the first film I ever saw that was directed by Jan Švankmajer, I hold it near and dear in my memory.

These movies are not everyone's cup of tea; some will like them and others won't, but one thing is for sure: you will be left speechless................................ so let the madness begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Eazy on December 31, 2013


Lily on December 31, 2013


He is the best human ever! Thank you for writing this!


Lol, This is one of the best quotes I have ever seen "He is the best human ever!". thank you for reading it

Mabel on January 1, 2014


I became a fan of Svankmajer the first time I watched Alice (his brilliant take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) about seven years ago. I then sought out his short documentary The Ossuary and the first collection of his short films. I'm excited to watch some of his work I haven't already watched repeatedly now! If you like directors like Chris Cunningham or some of Werner Herzog and David Lynch's stranger stuff, Jan Svankmajer will delight you.


Awesome thank you for the directors to look out for, I will definitely get their stuff. And his take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is so creative and interesting, that its surprising that no one ever mentions it.

Shanna S. on January 3, 2014


Thank you so much for the post-I love his weird, creepy movies!


Thank you for reading my blog shanna... He is a one of a kind director and very talented.. I enjoy his work very much

Anonymous on January 6, 2014


Great video, I will watch this!

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