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I remember the thrill of the hunt - trailing my fingertips along the book spines as I prowled through the stacks. There was a buzz of anticipation as I'd pause to slide one off the shelf and the secret satisfaction of discovering some gem of a book on my own. Saturday library excursions with my father were my early introduction to the enticing art of browsing.

On the occasion of Denver Public Library's 125th Anniversary, we would like to celebrate our dynamic and diverse collection. We are showcasing our Hidden Gems - little-known, overlooked, or underrated books that grabbed our interest. I've included a few of my serendipitous finds in this blog. I hope to persuade you to abandon your web browser and become a browser by offering three ways to explore this featured collection.

Voyages of Discovery : Three Centuries of Natural History Exploration by Dr. Tony Rice

Out of the archives and onto the page, hundreds of stunning works by the talented artists who accompanied early exploring expeditions. These carefully recorded and lavishly detailed drawings of newly discovered specimens and species are entrancing.

Jonathan Lerman : Drawings by an Artist with Autism with texts by Lyle Rexer

Although autism severely limits his ability to express himself verbally and to communicate emotion, a few quick, sure lines and charcoal smudges from this young artist create portraits that pulse with emotional content. Jonathan Lerman is a rare and authentic genius.

In the Kitchen with Alain Passard : Inside the World (and Mind) of a Master Chef written and illustrated by Christophe Blain

Start with charming graphics, add snippets of philosophy and a dash of humor - these ingredients combine in unexpected and delicious ways, like those in one of the master chef's signature dishes, in this novel and delightful work.

So now, if you are ready for a browsing adventure, stop by the Central Library and visit our display of Hidden Gems in the We Explore Power Zone on Level 2.


Look through the Hidden Gems Book List on our web page. All books are from our circulating collection. You will be able to click into titles on this list to check availability and to place a hold.


You can browse through selections in the Virtual Bookshelf below.

Have you discovered a Hidden Gem in our collection? I invite you to post a comment to this blog telling us about your find. Your book will be added to our Hidden Gem display and web page book list - Connecting Denver with a wealth of browsing treasures.


Written by L.F. on June 23, 2014


Laurie. on June 23, 2014


I really like the virtual bookshelf! Thank you!

deb on June 23, 2014


the best hidden (slightly) gems I ever found at Denver Library,
1. On the way to the gallows: rebel women in prewar Japan call no. 303.484 R259
about women who risked everything to be feminists, advocates for equal rights in a culture where just talking back to your husband, or failing in household duties could mean your 'hubby' could have you executed, under Japanese law of the time.

2. Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters,
collection of folktales that women spoke about each other, about who they REALLY wanted to be. from cultures, times when men wrote, edited, and designated histories, heroes, and women only got to be virtuous, mothers, or baaadd.

L.F. on June 24, 2014


Thank you for sharing your choices, Deb. These books have been added to the Hidden Gems display and book list.

Elaine C on June 24, 2014


Wow! I can't wait to read some of these. You've put together an enticing list, and Deb's suggestions, too.

ANON... on July 2, 2014


if you are or know anyone hooked on the 'hunger games' trilogy, then here's another one, but better.

Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes.
autistic teen in world of viral survivors, all addicted to a variation of the original vaccine, and in a tightly controlled society, finds herself being used to perpetuate
the controlling authorities goals (think autistic=unsuspected talents).

it WAS GREAAAT. couldn't believe there wasn't a waiting list in line. definitely a hidden gem.

second book in series, Rebel Nation, just got on market yesterday, not in library yet...

L.F. on July 3, 2014


If you missed this gripping dystopian-time travel novel, read it now so you are caught up when Rebel Nation arrives. Thank you for adding your find to our Hidden Gems collection!

deb on July 3, 2014


i bet the most amazing books that noone ever notices are the oversized collection. they're not in a closet, but noone ever seems to be looking.

Enormous, huge collections of impressionism, cartoons,
photos on everything imaginable, geology, oceanography, languages i don't even recognize.

can't wait to go back, just look.


Yes, the Oversized Book Collection is a popular browsing area located at Central Library, Level 2 East.

Morey Hall Music on September 8, 2014


Your Hidden Gem collection was very helpful, thanks!

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