Photoshop Basics

Photoshop has become a verb, like Google, or run. It’s a part of our cultural lexicon. We don’t say, “that photo’s fake”- we say “that photo’s been Photoshopped.” 

You can work Photoshop magic on your own digital photos. If you’re interested in erasing someone from a photo, transforming an animal, or learning about how to actually make your digital photos better, come to our Photoshop Basics class! 

We’re going to cover some fundamental concepts, like brightness and contrast, but we’re also going to dig a little bit deeper and talk about masking layers and the clone stamp tool. If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry. You don’t need to know a thing about Photoshop to attend the class.

Photoshop isn’t just about face swaps though. If you’re a photographer or an aspiring graphic designer, Photoshop is an essential skill. If you come to class and get a taste for Photoshop, our Makerspace, ideaLAB, has the full version available free for public use. 

Here are all the details for the class!

Photoshop Basics
Central Library
Floor 4, Large Classroom, Community Technology Center
October 3, 2017
6 - 8 p.m.

Written by Keegan on September 27, 2017


J Shannon on September 28, 2017


Is this a sign up event or do we just show up?

Susan Livingston on September 29, 2017


Do we bring our own computer and photoshop, or is it using the DPL computer and DPL software?

Anonymous on September 30, 2017


The DPL computers in the training room have Photoshop for use in class.

Jeff G on October 3, 2017


Is this a cost-free event?

Elizabeth P on October 6, 2017


When will the next Photoshop class be?

j.j on October 6, 2017


cool bro

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