Where in the World?

The world's most notorious criminal is on the run, and we need help catching her! Join us Saturday, September 6 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Central Library Children’s Pavilion for our Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego program. Kids can use their super sleuthing skills to decipher the clues about Carmen’s whereabouts, and try to catch her before she steals the world’s cities and landmarks!

Does your young gumshoe need to brush up on those geography skills ahead of time? Check out the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers or the Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas, which explore regions of the world through maps and photos, trivia, and online links. The detailed illustrations in Maps include geographic formations, landmarks, native plants and animals, popular foods, and much more. Finally, explore these wacky United States in From Pie Town to Yum Yum, where kids can learn about towns like Cheesequake, New Jersey and Telephone, Texas.

For practice solving mysteries involving masterful thefts of famous artwork, check out Chasing Vermeer and Masterpiece. Readers of all ages can search for the thief in The Eleventh Hour, in which intricate illustrations hide clues to a missing birthday feast.

We also have something for younger members of the family who would rather find Waldo than Carmen Sandiego. The pages of 100 Hungry Monkeys! and The Odd One Out challenge readers to locate specific animals and objects. In The Bear’s Song, Papa Bear runs through the pages looking for Little Bear along with the reader. Readers can head back to the beginning of Welcome to Mamoko over and over again to follow the adventures of different characters through busy street scenes.

Whether your child is a geography expert, a diligent clue-seeker, or an intrepid adventurer, check out one of these titles and see if you can find a new favorite! Then join us Saturday, September 6 to track down the elusive Carmen Sandiego.

Written by Kahla on August 26, 2014

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