July is Park and Recreation Month!

Go outside and have some fun!

Colorado has loads of parks for you to visit this summer and Denver Public Library has great resources for supplementing your trip.

Denver Public Library has books on specific parks like Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain National or read about a variety in National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.

You might happen across Colorado's state bird, the Lark Bunting on an outing and be overcome by the urge to draw it. Check out How to Draw Colorado's Sights and Symbols.

Maybe you spot some mystery poop on a trail and now that you have its scent you just can’t let the mystery go. Who Pooped in the Park has got answers.

Try an audiobook in the car or on a hike. Take in the scenery and listen to a good book at the same time! I love getting a book in while accomplishing something else. Already on the road? Browse our downloadable collection.

These books have some great ideas for outdoor fun:

Camp Out!

Get Outside Guide: All Things Adventure, Exploration, and Fun!

While you're out and about, don't forget about Summer of Reading! July 26 is the last day to register and August 9 is the last day to pick up prizes.

Written by Warren on July 9, 2014


Anonymous on July 10, 2014


And for an adventurous summery night outdoors in July, I recommend the Wild Animal Sanctuary!

Robin F. on July 19, 2014


Colorado summers are so much fun for kids (and big kids, too)! Thanks for highlighting terrific books to enhance outdoor adventures, Warren.

Anonymous on July 19, 2014


ParK Hill Branch is close to City Park lakes zoo and info on birds ,bees, bugs,

and flowers................check it out!!!!

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