John Green Is My Hero!

John Green (photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore) - author, vlogger, tweeter, teacher, activist, Nerdfighter Extraordinaire - is my hero. His brother Hank is a very close second on my hero scale, as well. And yes, I am now a proud Nerdfighter, too, fighting suck and doing my best to increase awesome!

What an inspiration these brothers are - sharing their energy, creativity, knowledge, passion, innovation, and let's face it, just plain genius, with the world. 

My son and I recently became completely hooked on their Crash Course YouTube videos covering world history, U.S. history, literature, chemistry, ecology and biology. They are super entertaining, informative and so much fun to watch that you don't even realize you are learning! I think they are geared more toward middle or high school students, but my fifth grader and I think they are awesome - he says he is learning lots. OK, I admit it, so am I...

The brothers' vlogbrothers YouTube channel, started as a way for the two brothers to keep in touch, is also highly entertaining and immensely interesting, covering such a range of topics there is definitely something for everyone!

And for even more John Green-ness be sure to checkout both his Twitter and Tumblr pages.

And, of course, don't forget to also check out his fabulous books:

Finally, if all this has inspired you to join in and become a Nerdfighter too, go to the Nerdfighter website and answer the call to fight suck and increase awesome!

Written by ShellyB on November 19, 2013


meredith on December 1, 2013


he is totally my idol.......

ayurika on September 24, 2015


john green just amazing.....

a great perhaps on February 4, 2016


Im researching John Green for a 'My Hero' essay. He is amazing.

Lost Soul on January 31, 2017


I'm obsessed with the thought of John. A hero indeed

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