Jim Gill's Family Concert on September 7: A strummin', singin', clappin', good time!

What could be better than 80 families visiting the library on a Saturday afternoon? 80 families visiting the library to sing and play together!

Mountain States Toyota helped the Denver Public Library bring Jim Gill, children's musician, author, and child development specialist, to the Central Library on Saturday, September 7th to provide a fantastic and fun concert for families with young children.

Research on early childhood development shows that children learn best when they are having fun with adults who love them. Jim Gill's concert created an ideal environment for this kind of learning-- families sat on the floor together and sang along with his catchy, fun, and hilarious tunes. Jim's songs, rhymes, and activities (as you can see from the picture-- the concert was not spent seated on the floor!) help children hear and play with the smallest sounds in words and develop vocabulary in a memorable and fun way.

One mother created a memorable experience by playing a Jim Gill CD in the car for her two young children en route to the event-- without telling them they were headed to see Jim Gill. Their amazement and fascination were evident when they walked into the room to see Jim Gill with his banjo strumming away!

Thanks to Mountain States Toyota, every family that attended received one of Jim's CDs to continue having fun while singing and learning at home! If you weren't able to attend, you can still enjoy Jim's music by checking out one of his CDs from your local Denver Public Library branch. "Alabama, Mississippi" is particularly catchy and great for hearing syllables; the "Silly Dance Contest" (both songs are on Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Songs and Other Contagious Tunes) is a great way for young kids to practice self-control as they have to STOP! when the music says so!

Written by Sarah Mc on September 18, 2013

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