What's With the Weird Weather?

If you're a weather nerd or storm chaser, you may have heard of NCAR - the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Their work is of a global scale, on topics like climate, cloud physics and interactions between the sun and earth.

DPL is thrilled to host several talks as part of NCAR's 2017 Explorer Series. The first in this series is with renowned climate scientist, Dr. Kevin Trenberth, Distinguished Senior Scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at NCAR. He will discuss the fascinating and perplexing question: what’s with the weird weather?

What's With the Weird Weather?
Wednesday, April 19, 4-5:30 p.m. @ Central Library, Conference Center
Dr. Kevin Trenberth, Senior Scientist from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will explore the role of El Niño, climate change and other influences on the weather and climate. Weather extremes such as record-breaking temperatures, drought and wildfires in Colorado and the Western US, the 2013 flooding in Colorado and more recently in the South, are all linked. We’ll learn how and what they imply for the future.

For other upcoming events on topics such as  air quality, mega solar eclipse and aviation safety, keep an eye on DPL’s online events calendar and Engage! brochure.

Written by Jennifer D on April 14, 2017