Introducing RBdigital Magazines and Audio eBooks

Zinio is now RBdigital Magazines. The website will work the same as it always has, it just has a new name. Your experience from the RBdigital Magazines website and the Zinio for Libraries app will be the same.

RBdigital has also launched a new mobile app. The RBdigital App will combine digital magazines (formerly Zinio) with a new collection of audio eBooks. Most of these new audio eBooks are not available from Overdrive. They will check out for 21 days. Most of them will be unlimited simultaneous use. That means no hold lists!

The RBdigital App is available from the Apple store for iOS devices and from Google Play for Android devices. The Kindle app is coming soon.

You'll be able to search, borrow, download and read magazines and listen to audio eBooks within the RBdigital App. When searching from your computer, there will still be two separate sites:

Your existing Zinio login (generally your email address and your password) will work for RBdigital magazines and audio eBooks. If you don't already have a Zinio login, you will be prompted to create an account the first time you try to borrow something from either RBdigital site.

Zinio Transition

The Zinio for Libraries app will continue to be available for the time being. If Zinio users are only interested in digital magazines and not audio eBooks, it's fine to stick with the Zinio for Libraries app for now.

The RBdigital App is completely separate from the Zinio for Libraries app, so if you really want to, you can have both apps on your mobile device.

Any Zinio magazines you have borrowed will carry over to your account in the RBdigital App but you will have to download them again.

Where to Find Them

The RBdigital sites for digital magazines and audio eBooks are available from our Downloads page. In addition to the websites, you’ll be able to search from within the RBdigital App on your mobile device, and all titles will be listed in our online catalog. Use the Web Link in the catalog record to borrow and download.

It's worth exploring all the options on our Downloads page. In addition to the new RBdigital audio eBooks and digital magazines, we also offer Flipster digital magazines and Overdrive eBooks, audio eBooks and streaming video.

If you have questions, use the help link or phone number in the app or on the RBdigital website to get help straight from the source, or Ask Us an Audio eBook or digital magazine question.

Written by Janet on July 6, 2017


Mark Haley on July 12, 2017


I do wish to re-emphasize part of the this great new information about RBdigital eAudiobooks. If you love eAudiobooks, Denver Public now offers a ton (about 6,000) completely unique and exclusive eAudiobook on this new service (App and/or Browser experience). Also, with the eMagazines and these exclusive eAudiobooks on the same App, it's a 'readers' dream come true. * When I refer to exclusive, I mean that the content on the RBdigital App and website browser is NOT found on any other service that Denver Public Library provides.

Bonnie Petersen on August 1, 2017


Thank you Denver Public Library! I'm a fan of your regular Overdrive audio ebooks but this service is even more amazing. No holds or wait time.

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