It's Banned Books Week! (Sept 22-28)

Have you read a banned or challenged book? My guess is you probably have and didn't even know it! Banned Books Week celebrates our freedom to read, seek, and express ideas of all kinds.

So what does it mean for a book to be challenged or banned? "A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group. A banning is the removal of those materials" (BBW Press Kit).

Some challenged and/or banned children's books include:

Picture Books

Chapter Books


Curious about other books that have been challenged or banned?
Check out the lists of frequently challenged books created by the American Library Association.

Written by AmyM on September 23, 2013


Anonymous on September 23, 2013


Why are the books listed "banned" or "challenged"? Some I understand but, Green eggs & ham?, Strega Nona?
It would be helpful to know the reasons behind the banning/challenging.


Great question. Here's info on the two titles you mentioned:

Green Eggs and Ham was banned in the People's Republic of China for its "portrayal of early Marxism" (…).

Strega Nona has been challenged for depicting witchcraft and magic in a positive light (…).

Check out the American Library Association's website, which includes resources that give more background information on banned and challenged books. The website also provides a way to contact the association if you cannot find information on a specific title.

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