It's all Irish: Test your knowledge of St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick was born in Roman-occupied Great Britain ca. 390..
Patrick died on March 17, ca. 460 Prior to the 1600s, the color most often linked to St. Patrick was blue. In legend, Patrick taught about the Holy Trinity with the three-leafed shamrock. Corned Beef is traditionally served at Christmas and Easter.

St. Patrick's Day offers us all a chance to be Irish for a day. How much do you know about the international holiday?


Click on the photo to the left to see the correct answer to these questions.

1. There is no more famous figure in Irish history than St. Patrick, but where was he actually born?




2. Non-liturgical St. Patrick's Day is always held on March 17. What is the significance of this date?





3. Before 'the wearing of the green' became ubiquitous, what color was most commonly associated with St. Patrick?




4. Why have shamrocks become so inextricably linked to the legend of St. Patrick?



5. Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage. It is not a traditional part of the holiday in Ireland. At what holidays does Corned Beef make an appearance on the Irish feast table?


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He may have been born in Scotland, but was of Irish descent. Where born does not determine bloodline.



St. Patrick was standing in a field of clovers while preaching to the pagans about the Blessed Trinity. So he reached down for a clover & said, "Just as this clover has 1 stem & 3 leaves... The same with the Blessed Trinity & that is how he converted them. (1 God in 3 persons & 1 stem & 3 leaves.) God bless Saint Patrick. Deo gratias...

St. Patrick, pray for us...



actually corned beef became a popular dish when immigrant irish could not get or afford the 'real' traditional dinner food, boiled bacon

Yes that is the real guy mentioned above. He was actually born in Scotland and was taken captive and enslaved for years by the Irish. He became a devout Christian in slavery and once freed returned to lead many to Christ in Ireland. The 17th of March marks his death. Read more here: I knew all the answers except the green, had to look that up. It is a dark rich blue. Cheers!

six years to be presice

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