Plaza Voices: Congratulations, Binh, on Passing the Citizenship Exam!

Our contributor Lisa M. writes:

After a full day at the University of Colorado at Denver, Binh, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student, then drives to work. One of his jobs is in the Plaza program at the Denver Public Library, helping other immigrants and refugees to meet their own goals. He reviews citizenship exam questions, prints out the N-400 form, helps with homework, and assists with technology.

When Binh viewed a library Facebook post about a familiar Plaza participant celebrating his naturalization after his second try, Binh was inspired to pass the U.S. Citizenship test himself.

After passing the test, Binh immediately drove to his other place of work and yelled, “I’m an American now!” He celebrated with his friends wholeheartedly. Once he was at home, he processed this significant achievement and reflected on his future. He absolutely plans to vote and he can now apply for more scholarships to finish his education.

One of the best parts about being a citizen, for Binh, is being able to travel freely outside of the country. He said, “I can just go now!” He has already traveled back home to Vietnam to visit family and friends that he has missed since he arrived six years ago. He also arranged travel plans for his C.U. Denver Dragon Boat team to compete for the first time at the international race in Hong Kong, where they will be one of only two teams from the United States.    

Binh encourages those who have yet to pass the Citizenship test to get out of their comfort zone and practice their English skills. Anyone can come to practice English and Civics in Plaza, get individualized help with any personal goal, and meet people from all over the world. Binh definitely felt more comfortable taking the test because he was helping others prepare in Plaza.

Congratulations, Binh, on passing the U.S. Citizenship exam!

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Written by Plaza Voices on July 11, 2018


Maryanne Flynn on July 19, 2018


What an awesome person you are, Binh! We're so fortunate you are here! Congratulations!

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