I Have a Date With You: Helen Gillet in Concert at DPL

Helen Gillet
Helen Gillet Helen Gillet

Belgian-born, New Orleans singer and cellist Helen Gillet is keeping her date with Denver. For three years, Helen has arranged a special, same-time-next-year date with Denver Public Library for an amazing concert. She plays her 2014 concert at DPL this Saturday.

Give the video below a listen, and I'm sure that you'll want to keep your date with Helen! She is a well-traveled and seasoned performer; but her music remains fresh and surprising. With elements of jazz and pop, Helen's music evokes French cabarets and always sounds cutting edge. Because it is. 

Avant-garde Cello: Helen Gillet
Saturday, March 8, 2-3 p.m.
Central Library, Level 1 Schlessman Hall

Fresh City Life is pleased to host Helen Gillet, one of the most talented cellists touring the U.S. and the world. The modern usage of the phrase ‘avant-garde’ may have lost all of its power for being used to describe things that are shocking instead of genuinely new, different and deeply creative. Remind yourself what avant-garde truly means with Helen Gillet’s encore concert at Denver Public Library. Whether she’s performing solo, in intimate new ‘chamber music’ settings, or going full throttle with various jazz-driven ensembles, Helen Gillet has been described as having “a Mingus-like passion both as a player and as a band leader, often coaxing energy and lifting the spirits into dynamic and dazzling displays of artistry.”

Helen Gillet grew up in Belgium, Singapore, Chicago and Wisconsin. She has forged a path for the cello in the New Orleans music scene since her arrival in 2002 and has performed extensively across the United States and Western Europe.


Too bad I missed this one. I would have like to see/hear Helen play.

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