The Legends of Hip Hop "Tupac Shakur" - Justin Bua

Listening to Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa, The Message - Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Roxanne - UTFO (Untouchable Force Organization), I felt like break dancing but did the calculations: age + height + gravity = 911. The urge to "boogie" hit me while I was reading the book The Legends of Hip Hop by Justin Bua.

I would describe him in the most literal sense as an "Hip Hop Artist." Justin Bua brings us an excellent critique of some of Hip Hop's greatest. His discourse on Hip Hop's Legends instantly took me back to that place we called the Student Union at Metropolitan State College talking Hip Hop over slices of pizza and soda.

Justin incorporates a Hip Hop narrative while reflecting on the affects of Hip Hop on his life. His colorful portraits of Hip Hop's great artists appeal to that "inner Hip Hop" in all of us who grew up during that era.

The age of MTV and Atari was a time where it wasn't uncommon to see a teen, walking with his friends down the street, with a boom box half the size of his body, searching for the right opportunity to display those new moves he worked tirelessly ;on on his living room floor.

Justin discusses his appreciation to those he ascribes Hip Hop innovation to, with great respect and enthusiasm.

If you want a great discourse on Hip Hop, this is a must read, and you can enhance your "Hip Hop experience" along with these CDs:

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Pastor Miami Mike Devine can't wait to read this one. It's always amazing to see how good one chronicles the facts of our generations.

It's more of a personal narrative, which in a sense does present a chronological order of those Bua felt were influenctial to the hip hop culture. When you read it let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for responding.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Love it.

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