Hidden Gems from Around the World

If you're looking for those hidden gems from around the world, I've found a few that might just be what you been looking for. Creatively filmed, very unique stories, Brilliant actors, suspense, humor and films that have won awards in other countries. Check out the trailers at the bottom of the page.

Bronson: A very creatively, brilliant way to film one of the most violent, famous prisoner in Britain. Combines art, Humor, action and a very unique way of getting famous.



Departures: One man's misfortune leads to an unexpected taboo career in Japan. The music composed for this film is amazing, the story itself is very inspiring and uplifting. A must see.



Oldboy: A man's imprisonment leads to an unusual journey once released. With a twist at every turn and epic fight scenes it's no wonder this movie was a hit in Korea. Unbelievable sound track, very surreal story and a shocking end that you would of never guessed. This movie is violent.

Written by Eazy on August 26, 2013


Circ Clerk #47 on August 26, 2013


Bronson is excellent (as was Drive)! However, if you want to see Refn's best and most personal work, check out the Pusher trilogy, which DPL also carries.

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