Hi Ms. Streep. Have I got a script for you!

Just like EVERYONE else, I've got a screenplay in me. A friend and I have been dreaming about writing a perfect film script for Meryl Streep. Dreaming, not doing. But maybe 2012 is our year.

Okay, I won't give you our elevator pitch on our film idea -- because we don't have one. I also won't tell you that we have any connections to Meryl Streep -- except that my friend and co-dreamer, Mary, and I both regard her as the epitome of an actor -- and we both think she'd like to have a beer with us.

But we do have an idea for a screenplay; we've nursed this idea for about four years. There are drafts, outlines, and scenes that have been started and deserted. The idea seems strong enough though and just needs to be nurtured (or tortured) into a fully realized script.

I'll keep you posted on our progress throughout the year. My co-writer, by the way, lives in Portland. Our story takes place in San Francisco (where Mary and I met over twenty years ago); as a matter-of-fact, our as yet unwritten screenplay is set during the heady, halcyon times of the late 80s and early 90s -- these were the worst of times and the best of times.

My dream is that Mary and I will complete a first draft of the script working long distance; then we'll meet in San Francisco in the crisp days of October to polish and refine our script...like William Holden and his girl Friday, Nancy Olson in Sunset Blvd. Come on, Mary -- what do you say?

Next weekend, on Saturday, May 12, Fresh City Life is hosting Film Scribe's Darren Foster for a workshop focused on the art of the screenplay -- The 3 +1 Rule: The Screenplay Formula. Darren is a great teacher, and if you are harboring a screenplay dream too, join this workshop to get started. Info and registration here.


Written by Chris on May 8, 2012

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