We Want to Help YOU (find a job)!!!

We Want to Help YOU (find a job)!!!

Did you know that one of Denver Public Library's Strategic Initiatives is job search assistance? "People's lives are improved by acquiring the resources and skills needed to prosper and contribute to Denver's economy." No doubt this is a goal worth pursuing, but let's talk about what this means, and what steps are being taken to be sure we are doing the best that we can to help our customers.

As part of this initiative, a decision was made to "beef up" the job-related materials in our collection. Over a thousand books, eBooks, audiobooks and DVDs were purchased to enhance career materials already in the collection. These cover a wide-range of topics from entering the job market, to starting a home-based business, to re-entering the job market, or just information about a variety of careers for people wondering what they might want to do. Here's just a sampling of recently purchased items that might be of interest:

The Virtual Job Interview Practice & Preparation for Getting the Job You Deserve (DVD)

Getting a Positive Response in Each of the Seven Interview Phases (DVD)

All Work and No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience

101 Weird Ways to Make Money: Cricket Farming, Repossessing Cars, and Other Jobs with Big Upside and Not Much Competition

55 Surefire Food-related Businesses You Can Start for Under $5000

The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home

The Brewer's Apprentice: An Insider's Guide to the Art and Craft of Beer Brewing, Taught by the Masters

The Start Your Own Business Bible: Establish Your New Career for as little as $500

We offer computer classes to assist job seekers that include instruction on computer basics, Microsoft Office products, key train, presentation skills, job search basics, resume and job search workshops. Here's a schedule of upcoming classes for April and May being offered in the Community Technology Center at Central. We also have 129 PCs (including 2 ADA terminals) at Central with Microsoft Office products loaded on each one to assist job seekers. The branches also offer public PCs for their customers.

Additionally, we have online databases to help you with your job search or to provide skills enhancement tests. Here's a sample of a few that could be of assistance to job seekers:

Learning Express Library- if you're searching for a job, thinking about a career change, or want to take the next step on the ladder to success, this database can help you. It provides courses, practice tests and eBooks full of helpful information on a wide variety of career and workplace subjects like choosing a great career, job hunting, interviewing, networking, sharpening your business writing skills, dealing with co-workers, achieving success on the job and much more.

ReferenceUSA - helps you find company information by name, geographic location and industry.
Video Tutorial

Vocations, Careers & Technical Education - finding the right career, enrolling in an appropriate institute of learning or training, searching for a job, advancing your career through continuing education are high stakes tasks in today's world. This collection of information makes it easier by providing content from general career guides to specialized industry journals.

Is there anything else you would like to see us do to assist job seekers? Your opinion matters to us, so please let us hear from you.

Please contact Reference Services, located on Level 3 of the Central Library, for all of your information needs:
• Phone: 720-865-1363; TTY: 720-865-1480
Email Reference
Ask Colorado (24/7 virtual chat reference)
By Appointment


Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful resources for job seekers, Sara - great to know that Reference Services provides such support and assistance to those of us who want to learn more about finding the right career. I appreciate DPL's effort here - so timely and relevant for all Denver citizens who are unsure about how to approach today's job market.

Thank you, Sara--indeed, if someone truly is looking for a new career or is hoping to explore new/different job prospects, coming to the library is a must! Excellent blog--thanks for posting! :-)

Excellent overview of resources and guides. Thank you Sara!

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