Teens - Help us choose magazines for next year!

image of Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine

It seems like it’s crazy early to think about 2013 already, but at the Central Library, we’re doing just that.

I’m in the process of selecting teen magazines for the Burnham Hoyt Room and I’d like your input. Is there a magazine that you wish the library carried? Let me know! You can respond in the comments or call the Hoyt desk at 720-865-1312 – we would love to hear from you!

Here’s what Hoyt currently carries for teens:

All You
BMX Plus
Nintendo Power
Playstation: The Official Magazine
Sister 2 Sister
Teen Vogue
Teen Voices
Transworld Skateboarding



Teen Vogue

teen vogue

new issues of Fruits that are circulating!

I also really loved Fruits and it made me sad to get rid of it. It's really expensive (like, 3 other magazine subscriptions expensive) which is why it was pulled last year.

I'm looking at the budget and I'll see if we can fit it in. Thanks!

Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump no longer publishes a magazine they like Yen Plus went totally digital last year.

Girls Life

I'll look into Girls Life as well. Thanks!

Holy cow you guys, this is awesome! Thank so much for your inupt!

I think that Game Informer is only available through GameStop. I could bring my copies by the library to add to the collection, though. I'll look into this.

Thanks for mentioning Shonen Jump- I was thinking of adding it. I'm also going to get Shojo Beat as well.

I've gotten lots of requests for Teen Ink-- I'll add that to the list too.

I've been looking at the statistics for Nintendo Power, and it looks like no one really checks it out from Central-- I may get rid of it in favor of EGM or Game Informer. Would you prefer gaming magazines that cover all of the current consoles rather than console-specific magazines (Nintendo Power and PlayStation Magazine)?

Thanks again for your input, I really appreciate it. If you ever think the library should have certain materials, please let us know. Your input helps shape YOUR library!

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