Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

January 18th is Winnie the Pooh Day! British author Alan Alexander Milne was born on January 18, 1882 and is the creator of everyone's favorite silly old bear and all of his pals in the Hundred Acre Wood! Celebrate with a spot of something sweet and a good book shared with dear friends! Reread the classic stories in The Complete Tales & Poems of Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne.

Winnie the Pooh's story begins on a pleasant day in 1924 when Christopher Robin Milne, the author's son, visited the London Zoological Gardens and encountered a real life Black Bear named Winnie who preferred condensed milk to honey! The original stuffed animals which inspired the beloved and timeless tales are on display in the New York Public Library. Mr. Milne intended the stories and poems of Winnie the Pooh for not just children, but for the child in all of us. Competitive Pooh devotees should start practicing today for the Pooh Sticks World Championship in March 2013 in Oxfordshire!

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The Park Hill Branch of the Denver Public Library celebrated last Saturday with a Pooh Picnic complete with storytime, a sing-along and pin the tail on Eeyore! Pooh fans of all ages had a "hunny" of a time! I am a firm believer that Winnie the Pooh would find the Denver Public Libraries to be an excellent Thinking Place!

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