Happy Birthday, Archie Leach!

January 18 was the day of Archibald Leach's birth, in 1904, in Bristol, England. Leach, a one-time stilt walker and vaudevillian, would become world famous in the 1930s under a different name... Cary Grant.

Grant originally came to the United States as part of a stage troupe and stayed when everyone else went home. After spending almost a decade in vaudeville and on stage, he went to Hollywood and his new bosses at Paramount pictures renamed him Cary Grant (the initials, C.G., were already popular with moviegoers--Clark Gable and Gary Cooper were two of the biggest movie stars in the world).

While most actors of the era worked for one studio, Grant soon broke free of the system (the first actor to do so). It paid off... Grant quickly became one of Hollywood's biggest stars and remained so for the next thirty years.

Grant retired from acting in 1966 with the birth of his only child, daughter Jennifer. Never an Academy Award-winner for his acting work, he received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1970.

On November 29, 1986, Grant sustained a cerebral hemorrhage and died. He was in Davenport, Iowa, preparing for his touring one-man show.

Here at the Denver Public Library we carry a wide variety of Grant's films, and also some books about the actor. Below are listed some of Grant's most popular films. You can always ask a librarian to find others for you.

Books about Cary Grant

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Love Archie! Think I'll watch Bringing up Baby tonight.

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