Star Wars Reads Week: The Force is Strong At the Library

This year has been one of the biggest, most exciting years for Star Wars fans ever. On top of being right off of the release of the Force Awakens, fans were blessed with a bevy of new books, toys, and games for our favorite franchise. I am still living in euphoric state of being able to have a myriad of Star Wars socks to choose from at almost every store... While all this excitement and bounty of media and memorabilia is spectacular what does it all mean if you can’t share it with your fellow Jedis?

Alas, young Padawan, do we have a solution for you! Every year, across the known universe, libraries and bookstores come together to help you celebrate all things Star Wars. Denver Public Library has 13 choices for you this week, all with a diverse array of activities from crafts to games, to snacks and fun worthy of a galaxy far, far away. You'll be sure to find a home among fellow superfans and be able to stock up on all the Star Wars reading the library has to offer!

Join us at any one of our Star Wars Reads Week Celebrations!

We also pulled together a list of our favorite new books and movies from the Star Wars canon that you can use to stoke your excitement for the big day!


Books for Kids

Books for Teens

Books for Adults

Written by Hana on October 12, 2016

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