Hair Loss

Hair loss is never easy. It can affect individuals of all ages, including children.

People may be undergoing treatment for cancer or they may be healthy. Appearance is very important in our society so there is always the question of how to live with hair loss and still look attractive. Some individuals wear wigs, hats or go bald. Fortunately for us who live with hair loss the web can provide important information, support, and resources. When searching the web it is important to make sure that the sites you consult are reputable, like MedlinePlus and American Cancer Society, and are current (look for a date). There may be websites that promise results that sound amazing, be wary!

Today the hat I’m wearing is for more than style. During the last month I have been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata (AA). It is a common autoimmune disease where the body rejects its own hair. Five million people in the US live with this disease. It’s not contagious and it doesn’t affect our general health. It affects people of both sexes and of all ages. Doctors know how to encourage the body to grow hair but not how to keep it from rejecting hair. The course of the disease is very individual and may include the body growing hair and then rejecting it. My mother also lives with AA and so I had a twenty percent chance of developing it. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation supports us with this disease with information, support groups, products to help us live well with hair loss. They also encourage ongoing research to find a cure. Check out these books if hair loss is part of your life.

Here are some reputable websites with information on conditions/diseases that cause hair loss.

Lupus Foundation of America

Written by Dawn on January 3, 2012


Anonymous on January 6, 2012


I didn't know much about this issue and appreciate the information. Thanks!

Shelly B on January 12, 2012


You look great in your hat, very fashionable! Thanks for sharing this information and for the good resources.


Thanks Shelly! I just value understanding and wanted to share what I know.

Anonymous on January 14, 2012


Bravo for you, Dawn, and for others who deal with alopecia and yet stand proud. Bald heads ARE beautiful...and very stylish in some cultures!

RachelleN on January 19, 2012


Dawn, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to see your chapeau yet but now I'll make a point of it. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas of what's acceptable to wear indoors - the wigs do get itchy sometimes. Thank you for bringing this information to the forefront.f

Isabella on July 15, 2013


Well, if it is possible to combat hair loss with the help of hair regrow solution , it would really be a great experience for me, as I am worried of getting bald someday.

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