Guess What's Coming To Dinner

two-headed squirrel
turducken Primo Specialty Foods

Well, Thanksgiving dinner, anyway.

Look, when you are on a road trip and you see a sign that says, “Two-headed Squirrel -- Turn Rght at the Next Exit” – you turn right at the next exit! If someone is making turducken and you're invited -- go!

Join us this Saturday, November 3 for our first Kitchen Legends event highlighting the ultimate foodie legend, the Sasquatch of the culinary world – turducken. For the uninitiated, turducken is a spectacular dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word turducken is a portmanteau of turkey, duck, and chicken (from Wikipedia). Enjoy a little early Thanksgiving celebration with Chef Shellie, of KitchenCue, and Fresh City Life.

And we’ll round out this gastronomical event with Primo Specialty Foods presenting two wonderful treats: a local artisan cheese plate for appetizers and a Pumpkin Tiramisu featuring Primo's limited edition Pumpkin Butter for dessert – simple, festive and delicious. You’re invited to our cooking demo tribute to Thanksgiving, please RSVP. Registration encouraged; please register online or call 720-865-1206.

Kitchen Legends: Turducken with Chef Shellie Kark
Appetizers and Dessert provided by Primo Specialty Foods!
Saturday, November 3, 1:30-3 p.m.
Central Library, Level B2 Conference Center

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Oooo! Pumpkin Tiramisu! I'll have a go at that!! This sounds like an incredible feast!

oh man, i was really hoping you were going to say inappropriate taxidermy! but turducken is pretty special too

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