Good news - Blu-ray is coming to the library!

How do I find out what Blu-ray titles you have?
Search our catalog and limit your search by the format Blu-ray, or click on the “Blu-ray On Order” link of the left side of the catalog page.

How many Blu-ray’s can I put on hold?
You are limited to 5 holds for Blu-ray titles that are 7-day checkout (feature films); 5 holds for Blu-Ray titles that are 21-day checkout (non-fiction and TV series) and 5 holds for Children’s Blu-Ray titles (these are all 7-day checkout) on your card at one time. You are still limited to a maximum of 30 holds (all formats combined) per library card.

How many Blu-ray’s can I check out?
You can check out 5 Blu-ray 7-day titles (feature films), 5 Blu-ray 21-day titles (nonfiction and TV) and 5 Children’s Blu-ray titles at one time.

What should I do if I have titles I want the library to buy in Blu-ray?
You can use our Request It! service to recommend titles to the library. Enter your library card number and last name and fill out the form selecting Blu-ray as the format. There is a one-time registration process the first time you use Request It! Please be aware: you are limited to 30 requests per year (all formats combined, regardless of outcome) and we do have a limited budget for Blu-ray so your request may be canceled as “not selected for purchase” for budget reasons.

Should I leave a library Blu-ray disc on the floor where my two year old can play with it or my dog can chew on it?
Please handle our Blu-ray discs with extra care. Blu-ray discs do have a scratch resistant coating but the data is stored directly beneath the surface so they cannot be refinished with a commercial polisher the way our DVDs can. Please handle discs only by their edges and the center hole or hub and use care when removing from or replacing in the case. As always, please verify that each case contains all discs before checking out and before returning any library media.

I don’t have a Blu-ray player will you still be purchasing DVDs?
The majority of our disc purchases will still be in the DVD format. The only time we buy a title only on Blu-ray will be when that is the only format available from the studio. A majority of titles are still being released on DVD. Studios are releasing some titles in a “combo-pack” that includes both Blu-ray and DVD discs. We will purchase those and check them out as a set.

Written by stacey on March 15, 2012


Greg on March 16, 2012


Thanks for the info on the Blu-Rays. Just one comment: you wrote, "Studios are releasing some titles in a 'combo-pack' that includes both Blu-ray and DVD discs. We will purchase those and check them out as a set."

Wouldn't it make more sense to split up the combo packs so that there will be more available copies? This way, if someone doesn't want to wait for the Blu-Ray to be available, they would still have the option to check out the DVD (or vicey versey).


In order to streamline our processes, we outsource the packaging of our DVD/Blu-Ray/CD collections with a vendor. At this time, our vendor is not offering the option to split the combo packs. This is a new format for us so we will be evaluating how this is working and if any changes need to be made as we go forward.

Julie on May 3, 2012


When do you expect the Blu-Ray discs to arrive? It's been 7 weeks and it doesn't appear any Blu-Ray discs have arrived yet.


We are expecting the first shipment in two to three weeks. Hang in there!

Kristina on June 13, 2013


There appears to be no way to search for Blu-Rays in the catalog. The above would indicate that you'd limit the search to "Blu-Ray" in the format field but that option is not available in the format list. Adding Blu-Ray to the search field only returns 8 items and I know there are more than 8 Blu-Ray titles in the catalog.


Blu-ray key works but you can't be on the DVD search. Still the keyword needs to be added to the list of formats


If you use the "Limit by" drop down below the search box you'll see Blu-ray in the alphabetical list. One tip is to put an asterisk in the search box and Limit by Blu-ray and you'll see all of the results.

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