Getting Crafty at Storytime!

Here at the Children's Library, storytime isn't just about books. We follow each of our Tales for Twos and Preschool Storytimes with a craft in our craft room. Crafting not only encourages creativity, but it also develops early literacy skills that will help children learn to read when they get older.

For craft this week, we tied chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) to yarn. We strung yarn across the craft area and gave the kids a few piles of chenille sticks to work with. This craft was a great mental, as well as physical, workout for kids! They had fun getting creative with their sticks, while developing their fine motor skills. These skills are the foundation for being able to hold and manipulate a pencil to write.  Figuring out how to hook bent sticks onto the yarn challenged kids to develop their spatial awareness.

This is also a super easy (and mess-free!) craft to do at home. Tie string or yarn between two chairs or door knobs. Younger kids will like the stiffness of the chenille sticks, while older kids may enjoy tying pieces of yarn or string.

For more fun craft ideas to try at home, check out one of these books:


Written by AmyM on March 12, 2014

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