Generations of Animation

Generations of Animation
Generations of Animation Generations of Animation

Is it safe to say that we're in the midst of the golden age of animation?

I would say yes! We've been in the Golden age since the '90s. Why you ask? Since the release of Beauty and the Beast VOL. 2 in 1991 until now, there have been more animated movies grossing over one hundred million dollars than any point in history! The top 50 grossing animated movies of all time happened in the last 20 years and the numbers prove it

According to Rotten Tomatoes, a site that rates movies based on user feedback, the majority of the "Top 100 Animation Movies" have been produced within the previous three decades.

Animated movies are capturing the hearts of folks of all ages - not just kids anymore and the numbers are showing it. For example, Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing animated movie ever (over a billion dollars)!

This leads me to believe that adults are enjoying these types of movies as well. Animated movies are attracting huge audiences and making a serious impact on the film world. Which is why I say, "We are in the Golden age of Animation."

Whether you watched it at home on your VHS player back in the '90s or in today's high tech, 3D movie theaters, animated movies are here to stay.

Some recommendations


Lion king



Wreck-it Ralph

Mary and Max

How to Train Your Dragon


Despicable Me

The Simpsons Movie


Now having 2 kids under the age of 5, I've watched more animated features than ever before in my life. Yes, there are some incredible films being produced, but for every gem there are dozen and dozen of the most asinine derivatives of insanely poor quality that still get produced (and make a chunk of change?!). While healthy competition seems to drive Dreamworks and Disney/Pixar to new heights, the bottom keep sinking lower. Even these big companies are quick to sacrifice story over profit. I have an animator friend who worked on Planes and told me that it's the most visually beautiful piece of crap that he's ever seen.

When it comes to percentage of good animation, it feels hard to call this a golden age, but when I look at the quality of individual films, I agree that many of these will stand the test of time.

Honestly you can say that about the film industry in general it usually profit before anything else which sucks for consumers (us) because we don't know and we are being taken for our money.... I can name a whole list of terrible movies in every genre and can predict future movies that are gonna be bad just by the trailers... and that comment about your friend working on planes is so funny and probably honest

I agree. Though we look back fondly at Wile E Coyote,Bugs Bunny,and Disney animations such as Sword In The Stone or Snow White,the animations today are in full stride. (Though the animations are computer creations).I like the newer ones,Brave,Frozen,and Up.

Just about All new animated movies in the last 10 years are computer generated now but, it seems like they are a big hit and yes the brave, frozen and up are very good!

FYI, it should be "Generations", NOT "Generation's".

simple typo but, I'm sure you got the message of my blog- thanks!

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