A Galactic St. Patty's Day

This coming Saint Patrick's Day, some may be celebrating the chasing of snakes out of Ireland or simply Irish heritage with some lively fiddle music and colcannon, but if, like many, you're just looking for a big party, head to the Ogden to see New Orleans funk band Galactic.

When I saw Galactic live, I had never heard of them before, and tagged along at the end of an already full day thinking it would be a nice, relaxing evening of New Orleans jazz. I mistakenly thought the opening band was Galactic. Then the real deal came out and the Fillmore filled up to the brim. Sandwiched tightly in the crush of the wild crowd right in front of the stage, I soon learned that Galactic shows are nothing to fool around with. They played until past a typical bar's last call, or maybe I'm just remembering it that way due to the epic proportions the event took on, but time flew by as they dazzled with their musical skill. Ever seen a drum solo by their master drummer, Stanton Moore? Let's just say it's a spectacle not to be missed. Furthermore, the funk basslines rumbled the floor and the horn section raised the roof. In hindsight, I probably would have preferred to be a little further out in the crazy crowd or on the sidelines where the danger of having beer spilled on me would be less, but I certainly had an unforgettable front row view of these musical giants.

This time, they're coming to the Ogden in Denver, and they're playing back to back shows on March 16th and 17th at 8 p.m. Get ready and check out the albums of theirs the library has so far, Ya-Ka-May (2010) and From the Corner to the Block (2007). Watch out for their new album released in February of this year, Carnivale Electricos.

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Written by KristinG on March 5, 2012


james on March 5, 2012


Great band. Love the music from New Orleans, and Galactic adds a freaky wildness to the style.

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