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I blogged about online entertainment several months ago and talked a bit about music, TV and online games. The thing is, there is so much more you can do with free online services! If you are looking for a great time sink, check out a few of these options.

Browsing: - Set up a profile using your email address and let Stumbleupon know your interests. You will then be routed to websites that match your interests. Just like on Pandora, you can tell Stumbleupon if you like or dislike the sites they take you to so they can better match you next time! - Stumbleupon will show you so many awesome websites, you're gonna need a tool to keep track of them all! Pearltrees is a great online solution to track sites you find interesting and organize them into groups so they are easy to find.


I have a tendency to like humor blogs. My favorite places to go for a chuckle are: - Picture the crayon drawings your kids made when they learned that the human body wasn't just a big circle with a face on it. Now add some insightful commentary about the state of childhood and the confusion of growing up. But do it from the perspective of a 20-something woman. Excellent. (Make sure you check out her "Best Of" on the right side of the page.) - If bitter sarcasm and the weird progeny of extinct animals is your thing, this is the place to go. Periodically, he even posts music videos! - Science! Oh glorious science! If you want some great puns/comics about science/scientists, sit back and enjoy the show. (Pssst! Look for the extra joke or explanation when you hover over the comic!)

Buying Stuff:

Dad's birthday is coming up? You're not sure what to get him? Sometimes, just browsing a few sites and looking for stupid things helps! - Mostly full of geek kitch, but there are some amazing items listed in here. True, most are from, but they can get you started on a great gift idea! I'm not gonna lie, I've definitely bought a few things from this website. - The most interesting aspect of this website is the misspelled words section. You'd be surprised how many people post items they'd like to sell online that have misspellings in the title. If you type in "computer," goofbid will search for many of the common variations on computer. You can find some amazing deals this way!

If you want more information on how to kill time on the internet, check out our FREE Online Entertainment class coming up on Saturday, 8/11 from 2 - 3:30.

Written by squee on August 3, 2012


Erin T. on August 7, 2012



I haven't told enough how amazing you are, but the IS AMAZING!!!! YOU ROCK!

Erin from BVL

Anonymous on December 24, 2012


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