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Computers are great. Seriously, think of all they do for us. They spell check our horribly written term papers, they help us find dinner for date night, and they help us keep in contact (some say too much so) with all our friends on Facebook. Most importantly tho, they can distract us for hours on end when we are trapped inside by a couple feet of snow. Here are some suggestions of places you can go for free online entertainment:

Music: - On Pandora you can create radio stations that play the type of music you like. You start with an artist or song and Pandora tries to find similar songs for you to listen to; this has the added bonus of being a great way to learn about new bands! - Grooveshark allows you to create a playlist by searching for artists or titles you like. You then drag them into a play bar and it will play the songs you have chosen in the order you have put them in. - Once you download the software to your computer, you can search for and play almost any artist. You can even create playlists to come back to later!

TV: - Hulu has many popular shows from TV and Cable right at your fingertips! If you don't mind waiting a week to catch up on your shows, you can watch them when you want on your computer. - Check out Comcast's list of TV and movies you can watch for free! Click between TV Series, Movies, Networks and Top Picks to see more options.

You can also check out most major networks sites, like or  You can find a listing of many of their most popular shows to stream to your computer.

Games: - Yahoo! games has been around for years and has a ridiculous amount of free games available for users. Some games do require a Yahoo! ID, but if you use for your email address, you already have a Yahoo! ID set up. If not, it only takes seconds to create. - Another gaming site with hours of fun! Most of the games on Pogo use flash, so make sure your Adobe Flash is up to date if you have problems on this site.

Written by squee on February 9, 2012

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