Free Microsoft Office Classes? That's Awesome!

I'm sure many of you already know about the wide variety of technology classes we offer in the Community Technology Center at Central Library.  For those of you that don't, check out our online calendar!  For those of you who have loyally visited us in the past, we have a whole new roster of Microsoft Office 2007 classes we'll be introducing in August and September.

Here's a list of the Office products we have scheduled to teach in August and September:

Basics: Thursday 9/5, 11am - 1pm
Tables & Columns: Friday 8/9, 11am - 12pm
Headers & Footers: Friday 8/16, 11am - 12pm
Templates: Friday 8/23, 11am - 12pm
Forms: Friday 8/30, 11am - 12pm
Images: Thursday 9/12, 11am - 12pm
Styles & Themes: Thursday 9/19, 11am - 12pm
Mail Merge: Thursday 9/26, 11am - 12pm

Basics: Wednesday 8/7, 11am - 1pm & Friday 9/6, 11am - 1pm
Formulas and Functions: Wednesday 8/14, 11am - 1pm
Sort and Filter: Wednesday 8/21, 11am - 12pm
Data Analysis: Wednesday 8/28, 11am - 12pm
Graphs & Pivot Tables: Friday 9/13, 11am - 12pm
Advanced Formatting: Friday 9/20, 11am - 12pm

PowerPoint 101: Wednesday 9/11, 11:30am - 1pm


Part I: Monday 9/9, 11am - 1pm
Part II: Monday 9/16, 11am - 1pm
Part III: Monday 9/23, 11am - 1pm

Publisher 101: Monday 9/30; 11am - 1pm

If you can't make it to any of these classes or if you need a bit of a review before joining us, check out the tutorials at  Check out our full roster of classes at

Are there any technology topics you would like to see us offer classes on?


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w1dergrl3 on August 3, 2013


You guys are so awesome!!

carmen on March 5, 2015


Just checking to see if these classes are still available since the date on this post is August 2013.

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