Where is Pandora the Explora?

Explora for Teens is a great resource for students but it's also great for just about everyone looking for information and news on all sorts of topics.  Our mythological friend, Pandora, has decided to pop in and take a trip around the world to see what's going on.  See if you can figure out where Pandora visited and what she's learned.  

Pandora has a passport and visas for every corner of the world, so she's set to go.  Pandora is also interested in visiting places in the news so she has a better idea of what she's reading and hearing in the news.  

Her first stop takes her to a country that opened its first ski resort, Masikryong, in Kangwon province in 2014 at a reported cost of $35 million (U.S.), as part of the government's efforts to spur tourism.  The government of this country has attempted to purge its language of any "loanwords" from other languages, particularly Chinese and English, and the language's script, Choson Muntcha, is rigorously censored by the government to avoid these loanwords.  Although the culture of this country is guarded by the government from foreign influence, its previous leader was said to be a devoted film fan, with a library of at least 20,000 films.  Where in Explora is Pandora?  Check your answer here.  

Flying around the globe, Pandora decides to stop in Venezuela.  Among many things, she learns that seven Venezuelan women have been named Miss Universe.  Venezuela also has a higher percentage of protected land than any other nation in the Western Hemisphere. And it's also home to the spot on Earth where lightning strikes the most often.  What is the name of that spot and why does lightning strike so much?  Check your answer here.  

Leaving Venezuela, Pandora takes a ship through the Caribbean Sea, across the Atlantic Ocean, and into the Mediterranean Sea.  She alights at Latakia and travels to a UNESCO World Heritage site where a fifth-century ascetic by the name of Simeon Stylites lived atop a pillar forty-five feet tall for thirty-five years.  The historic Byzantine Church of Saint Simeon was built around the pillar.  Where is Pandora this time?  Check your answer here.  

Her next trip is fairly short, back onto a ship in the Mediterranean Sea.  She heard about a contest sponsored by Airbnb where the winner got to spend the night 20 meters underground in a dark, underground labyrinth with 6 million dead bodies, among rows of skulls and bones.  The winners would be the first people to wake up alive in the underground spot since skeletons began to be stored there in 1785.  Where is Pandora now?  Check your answer here.  

Pandora always wished she could travel to outer space, but alas, she hasn't had the opportunity.  Instead, she traveled to the spot from which the first human being was launched into outer space on April 12, 1961.  It was also here that the first artificial satellites were launched into orbit and the first animals were propelled into space, and it was from here that the first probes were sent to study the moon, Mars and Venus.  Where is Pandora now?  Check your answer here.  

I hope you've enjoyed your quick trip around the world via Explora for Teens!  I hope you keep Explora in mind the next time you're working on an assignment or just looking for information about a topic!  

To learn more about searching Explora, check out this online tutorial.  

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Written by Frank on April 20, 2017