Does the "alt-right" movement have wide support?

This morning on National Public Radio, I heard an interview with reporter David Greene and former FBI Special Agent Michael German discussing law enforcement and federal government efforts to deal with the white supremacist movement following last weekend's events in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Michael German, who twice went undercover to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups in the 1990s, says that although the names of groups change, they are all essentially part of the same movement - the "alt-right" movement.  

A recent report from CQ Researcher (click here if outside the library, using your DPL card number and password) says that the "alt-right" movement, "a loose coalition of white nationalists, white supremacists, anti-Semites and others seeking to preserve what they consider traditional Western civilization, is urging white Americans to band together and fight multiculturalism." The report, published on March 17, 2017, is authored by Marcia Clemmitt, a veteran social-policy reporter who previously served as editor-in-chief of Medicine & Health and staff writer for The Scientist.  

The report provides an introduction to the topic, followed by more extensive sections with an overview, background material, the current situation, and outlook.  Arguments for and against the regulation of online racist speech are provided by Jessie Daniels, Professor of Sociology at Hunter College, and Jeffrey Herbst, President and CEO of Newseum.  A chronology going back to the 1990s through 2017 is followed by an extensive bibliography, links to additional news clips, a list of contacts, and footnotes.  

CQ Researcher is a great resource for in-depth analysis of current and controversial topics.  It was founded in 1923 to provide original, balanced, and comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues.  The database contains extensive, full reports, along with "Short Reports" on hot topics, as well.  

Click here to search the full CQ Researcher database - a library card is required.  Don't have a card? Register now to get one!  

You may also be interested in my colleague's post on The Research and Study of Hate from this spring, as well.  

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Written by Frank on August 15, 2017


anonymous on August 16, 2017


Recently, the president mentioned the alt-left when talking about Charlottesville. Are there any reports or places to find out more about the alt-left?


Great question!  I had never heard that until yesterday.  I just ran a search for "alt-left" in some newspaper databases (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post) and got some stories.  I also used another database - Gale PowerSearch - and got some results there.  As far as a CQ Researcher report, there's nothing like that unfortunately.  If you're in a branch, or if you have a library card, you should be able to search those.  Please ask for help - we'd be happy to help with searching!  

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