Test your knowledge! Alcoholic Drinks in the U.S.

You can learn a lot about something from a market research report or industry profile.  Really!  Take for instance the October 2013 industry profile on "Alcoholic Drinks in the United States."

How well do you know alcoholic drinks in the U.S.?  Take this quiz to find out:

The alcoholic drinks market consists of retail sale of beers, ciders & FABs, spirits and wines.  What are FABs?

  1. Food and Booze
  2. Flavored Alcoholic Beverages
  3. Fancy Beers
  4. Fabrice "Fab" Morvan of the pop-duo Milli Vanilli

The United States alcoholic drinks market grew by 1.7% in 2012 to reach a value of:

  1. $895 million
  2. $4.5 trillion
  3. $182.8 billion
  4. $1.98 (enough for a bouquet of carrots)

In 2017, the United States alcoholic drinks market is forecast to have a value of:

  1. $204.5 billion
  2. $9.2 trillion
  3. $896 million
  4. $2.96 (enough for two bouquets of carrots)

In 2017, the United States alcoholic drinks market is forecast to have a volume of:

  1. 1.5 million liters
  2. 29,983.4 million liters
  3. 2.6 billion liters
  4. the amount of water it takes to fill the swimming pools in Beverly Hills

The United States accounts for what percentage of the global alcoholic drinks market value?

  1. 5%
  2. 49%
  3. 16.3%
  4. 99%

Generating 40.4% share of the market's value, which of the following is the leading player in the U.S. alcoholic drinks market?

  1. Anheuser-Bush InBev
  2. MillerCoors
  3. Heineken N.V.
  4. New Belgium Brewing Company

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Written by Frank on July 17, 2014

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