The North Korea Conflict

This blog post was originally posted back in May, but based on the current escalation in rhetoric and news coverage, I thought I would share it again in case you missed it earlier.  This in depth and well researched report from CQ Researcher provides a lot of background information and analysis of how the North Korean conflict has arrived to where it currently is.  

Reuters News reported recently that North Korea had tested another missile, the second within days of Moon Jae-in's election as South Korea's new President.  We hear a lot in the news about the current state of North Korea and the potential threat of a nuclear conflict. 

CQ Researcher has just released "North Korea Showdown: Can a Military Confrontation Be Averted?" (Click here if outside the library with library card). This well-researched and exhaustive report was written by David Hosansky, a freelance writer from the Denver area.  He was previously a senior writer at CQ Weekly and the Florida Times-Union and has twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.   

The report provides an introduction to the topic, followed by more extensive sections with an overview, background material, the current situation, and outlook.  Arguments for and against tightening penalties on companies dealing with North Korea are provided by Sue Mi Terry of Bower Group Asia and Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute.  A chronology going back to the 1940s through 2017 is followed by maps and graphs, and the report wraps up with a bibliography, links to additional news clips, a list of contacts, and extensive footnotes.  

Check out the introduction to the report here.

CQ Researcher is a great resource for in-depth analysis of current and controversial topics.  It was founded in 1923 to provide original, balanced, and comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues to newspaper editors.  The database contains extensive, full reports, along with "Short Reports" on hot topics, as well.  

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Written by Frank on August 10, 2017


linda marie miller on May 31, 2017


I love seeing the library's opening page.

Daryl(not Stra… on August 10, 2017


Thank you for re-posting this! Quite a lot of information to work through and very helpful!


You're welcome. Yes... the CQ Researcher reports pack a punch! But they're extremely worthy and valuable!