Why is FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover pointing at Denver?

During the past year, and over the past couple of months, the FBI and its most recent director, James Comey, have been in the news quite a bit--seemingly more than usual for the FBI.  But throughout history, there have been times when the FBI and its directors and activities have been hot topics in the news.  

Why is J. Edgar Hoover pointing to Denver?  It's an Associated Press image from 1942 showing Hoover reviewing a map of FBI offices and operations across the country.  See the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture article below.  

I've pulled together a variety of articles and websites to help whet your appetite for more information about the FBI, and in particular, about J. Edgar Hoover, probably the most controversial FBI director.

FBI Directors, Then and Now
A chronology of FBI directors starting in 1908.  

FBI Denver History 
The FBI has had a presence in Denver since the early 1900s.  

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Written by Frank on May 10, 2017