Flobots: The Circle in the Square

If music was like sports, the Flobots might be Denver's home team. This socially conscious hip hop band is a major local community player, and they have both an upcoming album and a couple of concerts happening in the very near future.

No song by the Flobots is unremarkable, but listeners less familiar may remember them by their first major hit from the 2005 album Fight With Tools, "Handlebars," which captivated minds and gained the group international recognition. They haven't broken stride since. Platypus, a 2005 EP, and 2009's full-length Survival Story, have been consistently packed with great songs. Delectable rhymes aside, their music features sweet beats, harmonious vocals, and the trademark viola stylings of Mackenzie Gault--at first glance out of place in rap, but actually completing it in a most pleasant way. I think it's a good bet that we can expect more awesome from The Circle in the Square, debuting on August 28th.

In the meantime, you can explore the Flobots on their website, check out their earlier albums from the library, and go to a show. Be ready to dance and sing--at a Flobots concert, the audience actively helps to create the performance. They'll be playing in Fort Collins at the Aggie Theater on August 23rd, and at the Hi-Dive in Denver on August 24th. You can often catch members of the band at various community events, too; founding frontman and leading participant in community-building projects Jonny 5 even performed at the grand opening of the Sam Gary Branch library of the Denver Public Library!

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Tell us about your favorite social change music!

Written by KristinG on August 13, 2012


Erin T. on August 17, 2012


Fantastic post Kristin! I placed one of the CD's on hold!

Jinnie on August 21, 2012


I'd love to place one of these on hold but I can't find it searching the catalog under the title, Flobots, or browsing music on order. :(


Jinnie, if you click the links throughout the post (in blue lettering), they will take you to the record in the catalog where you can place a hold. However, The Circle in the Square itself is not available yet. Stay tuned for that! Thanks for your comment. :o)

KristinG on August 24, 2012


Update: The Circle in the Square is now available to place on hold through the library. Hooray!

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