Family Crafting

The time is coming when cool weather will encourage us to remain indoors. If you have children, you may soon hear the dreaded whine, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do!" I'm happy to report that these three books will provide hours of entertainment and family projects.

In a valiant effort to keep my children's screen time down and to preserve my sanity, I often resort to crafting with my kids. It's a good idea to keep some basic craft supplies on hand, but some of these projects may require a trip to the craft store with a supply list in hand. Alternately, try Goodwill or other thrift stores to pick up bags of fabric scraps or yarn, or get together with friends and combine craft supplies. These books are bound to keep little and big hands busy for the winter months. Some of these projects will also make great holiday gifts! Among other things, my kids and I have made stuffed wool felt "ugly dolls," beaded jewelry, river rock bugs, and decorated treasure boxes.

Try these books for inspiration:

Show Me a Story by Emily K. Neuburger

Side by Side: 20 Collaborative Projects for Crafting with Your Kids by Tsia Carson

The Creative Family: How To Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Blake Soule



Written by Jennifer on November 1, 2012


Anonymous on November 2, 2012


It is snowflake time!

MissAmy on November 3, 2012


I recently stumbled upon a whole series of books by Pam Scheunemann including COOL STUFF FOR YOUR ROOM and some others from the early 2000s, and a new series "on order" by the same author including COOL FABRIC PROJECTS, COOL PAPER PROJECTS, COOL METAL PROJECTS. These are scraps/recycled material-based craft projects best for middle elementary age children and up. I haven't had a chance to play with them yet, but previews and reviews online sound appealing!

Gwen on November 14, 2012


If you like making snowflakes, try one of my favorite crafting books: Snowflakes for All Seasons by Cindy Higham.

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