Fall into Fun Programming at Cherry Creek!

A lot has happened this fall at the Ross-Cherry Creek branch! You may have seen our in-house tree standing tall as can be, right in the center of the first floor, or our ever-changing cultural displays in the front and the Beehive area.

The Cherry Creek tree brought a lot of attention as the site for "leaf" us your favorite book. Kids, teens, families and adults all were able to leave us the title of their favorite books. There were titles ranging from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to Holes and from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Book Thief. It is always interesting to see what customers are currently reading and to share those titles to other customers. We as a staff are thinking of creating a different tree for every season so keep your eyes open!

The front wall space at Cherry Creek has been shifting throughout these past few months as staff work on a display we're calling "Know the World of Cherry Creek." This programming would like to encourage interest in the diversity of cultures represented in Cherry Creek and so far it has done its job! We have seen India and Mexico exhibited here already, complete with fun facts about each country, books, DVDs and CDs from and pertaining to the culture of each, and a raffle for restaurants in the Cherry Creek area that feature the food! We have given away gift certificates to Machete and Bombay Clay Oven thanks to their generous support!

Watch out for an unbelievable raffle during our Holiday Open House at Ross-Cherry Creek branch featuring a new country and culture, as well as numerous displays throughout the library showcasing our collection and fun reads for the holiday season!

Written by Samantha on December 16, 2013

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