To Erhu is human, to hear it -- divine

The erhu, a two-stringed instrument which is evocative of China, is being used in contemporary recordings of pop and underground dance music. 

For a one-thousand-year-old instrument, the erhu is holding up pretty well in modern times. It has been featured in contemporary film scores (House of Flying Daggers) and utilized by rock and pop musicians for it's unmistakable sound. 

In our collection, you'll find erhu used on the music cd, Antiphony and the dance remix album, Uproot, from DJ Rupture. And the progressive rock band, The Hsu-nami, uses the erhu as their lead instrument (bottom photo).

The Fresh City Life Weekend Music Series highlights this haunting instrument with this Saturday's free concert: Erhoopla Variety Show (2-3 p.m. in Schlessman Hall, Central Library). Brian Mullins and Mike Fitzmaurice play the erhu along with a variety of other Chinese instruments. Enjoy traditional Chinese tunes mixed with contemporary and American music played on these classical instruments.

Weekend Music Series calendar and full Fresh City Life schedule of events.

Written by Chris on January 24, 2013

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