eBooks and Audio eBooks: How to Return and Renew

eBooks and most audio eBooks can be returned early. All eMedia automatically expires at the end of the checkout period. Returning items early is optional. You can never have an overdue eBook.

The process varies depending on the format and device you're using.

Overdrive Read and not-yet-downloaded titles: return from your eBook Account

Kindle eBooks: On Amazon.com under Manage Your Kindle, you'll see your list of Kindle books. Choose Actions to Return this book.

On mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Windows phone or tablet):
In the Overdrive Media Console App go to Bookshelf. Tap and hold or swipe the eBook or audio eBook title. Select Delete and Return then Delete.

eBooks on your computer or laptop:
In Adobe Digital Editions, find the title in Bookshelves. Right click on the title and then Return Borrowed Item.

Audio eBooks on your Windows computer or laptop:
Only MP3 audio can be returned early. WMA cannot be returned and will expire at the end of the checkout period. Open Overdrive Media Console. Right click on the title. Select Delete, then Return and Delete. Audio eBooks cannot be returned from Mac.

Remember, you don't HAVE to manually return eBooks. They will expire automatically at the end of the checkout period. You can never have an overdue eBook.

Renewing eBooks and audio eBooks:
In your eBook Account, the Renew option becomes available 3 days before a title expires. A green renewal icon means the title can be checked out again immediately after the checkout expires, a gray icon indicates there are holds and you will be put in line to borrow it again. Learn more.

If you have trouble downloading eBooks or audio eBooks, it's best to delete but don't return the title. Oftentimes deleting and redownloading works.  Check the eBook Help pages. Overdrive Help offers searchable pages for common problems, or contact Support.

Written by Janet on March 7, 2014

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