New Tunes Tuesday 12/30/14

Greetings, ravenous music fans who are athirst for locally sourced music!

We have four new additions to the VOLUME website this week!

First up we have Dragondeer with their EP 'Don't That Feel Good'.
'Don't That Feel Good' stomps it's way out of the gates with the fantastic song of the same name setting the pace for the album to travel on through many fine permutations of the Blues genre.
Another stand-out track on this EP is 'Deep Elem', with it's echo-drenched harmonica and swirling lap-steel guitar delving into sounds rarely heard these days in the Blues genre. Blues-y, roots-y, psychedelic and sweating out a hard days work, 'Don't That Feel Good' reaches the territory of legendary Blues practitioners such as John Mayall, Paul Butterfield and Hot Tuna.

Next up we have Hindershot: A Denver band with a collective IQ of 1,500 and only 5 band members!
This self-titled LP is AWESOME! It's a fantastic album of huge songs that are beyond great. Everything is just so well done...
Each of these guys are in various other bands in Denver, but none of them sound quite like Hindershot.
The mighty Hindershot is a band that effortlessly blends the perfect psych-pop elements of the '60s, post-punk, surf, indie rock and highly proficient musicianship with air-tight songwriting and top-notch production.
Fuzz-guitar and garage-rock vocals never sounded so good!

We now come to the brutal, electronic grind band Siamese Royalty with their self-titled album.
Siamese Royalty afford the average listener an experience in blurred vision and twisted thoughts as caused by paint-peeling guitar and machine-gun drum beats/blasts.
This album is not safe for humans who startle easily or have heart problems.
Tell the kids to leave the room.
Totally unrelenting, Siamese Royalty's self-titled album offers up some of the most challenging and brutal material released in its genre.
Check out other Siamese Royalty recordings here.

Finally, The Swayback's first album, 'Swayback', has found a home here on VOLUME. 'Swayback' combines elements of all that is great about Rock n Roll into a coherent and tasteful album that subtly challenges the listener to expand their listening palate in order to fully appreciate what The Swayback are all about. Check out other Swayback recordings here.

Thanks again and check back next Tuesday for more new additions to the VOLUME site at DPL!

Written by DWilkinson on December 29, 2014

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