DPL Connect: Denver's very own pedal-powered mobile library!

Over the past few months, the Denver Public Library has been developing a new service to connect the library to the community outside of our physical locations. 

We wanted to literally take our services to the streets and to meet you where you are -- in the neighborhoods, at community events, in the parks, the coffee shops, the skate parks, concerts, farmer's markets and more.

We are super stoked to introduce what we came up with: DPL Connect -- a pedal-powered mobile library and wi-fi hotspot. 

DPL Connect will make its inaugural ride at its official launch on Wednesday, August 7 on 16th Street Mall. Our tricked-out trike will provide free wireless internet access and will be stocked with a rotating collection of books tailored to the bike's location (i.e. cookbooks and urban farming for farmer's markets, bike repair and Denver maps for bike trails, etc).

The librarian riding DPL Connect, armed with a tablet and an internet connection, will provide traditional library services, helping customers with digital downloads (eBooks, audio books, and digital magazines), offering reading suggestions, assisting with research and registering new customers for library cards. Down the road, we're working on DPL Connect's ability to operate as a full-service library, complete with the ability to check out materials. In the meantime, we'll be giving away featured books for people to read and hopefully share with others!  

2014 Schedule Coming Soon

Visit us at these stops or follow us on Twitter / like us on Facebook for updates on the bike's whereabouts. And keep your eyes peeled throughout the fall as we plan to hit up more parks and farmer's markets around Denver. See you there! 

DPL CONNECT is a pilot program conceptualized and executed by staff members Zac Laugheed and Jen Morris, winners of the Library's out-of-the box idea contest. The customized trike was designed in partnership with Joe Crennen, a local custom bike builder who works out of his shop Pedal Positive

Written by Zac on August 5, 2013


Steven C on August 5, 2013


You all are great! Love my libraries.

Robin F. on August 5, 2013


Zac, Thanks to you and Jen for bringing this extraordinary idea to life for the people of Denver. Way to go!!

Joe C on August 6, 2013


Looks like the greatest bookbike to ever hit Denver! It's going to put Denver Public Library on the bike map.

Ariel Farrar on August 9, 2013


This is fantastic.

((seething envy from New Orleans Public Library -- this would work so well here!!))


Justin P. on August 14, 2013


Library outreach is headed in some awesome directions.

Jennifer Timm on August 16, 2013


This is so great! Please consider visiting the Denver Language School with a cart of Mandarin and Spanish books. We have an early release Friday, so you could come at 1pm some Friday afternoon. The branch near school is closed, so it would be amazing for the kids- kindergarten through 5th grade.
DLS is at 451 Newport Street in Mayfair, close to the intersection of 6th and Monaco.

Trevor R. on August 24, 2013


I love this thing! Got to see it in action and it's even better up close! Hopefully you guys are able to get a class put together soon, I want to ride that thing!!! Well done everyone

Anonymous on November 1, 2013


N'avez-vous? Après avoir expliqué?

Clay@GreenRock… on November 19, 2013


This is great. I just shared this on my company Facebook and Twitter page. Thanks!

Librarian57 on July 5, 2014


How did it go with yr community, is it still running 2014 ?

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