What to Read This Summer - Get Ahead of the Crowd!

It's safe to say that between the big U.S. publishers, independent presses and self-published authors, the book industry will see over a half million adult titles released in 2017 - that's a lot of books! We've gathered a list of titles, fiction and nonfiction, to consider for your summer reading list. A few blockbusters are included* (place that hold now!) while others are flying below the radar. Guaranteed, there is something here for every reader and listener.

The Best Land Under Heaven: The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny* by Michael Wallis. Cutting through 160 years of mythmaking, best-selling historian Michael Wallis presents the ultimate cautionary tale of America’s westward expansion. Nonfiction.

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy. Two American families trying to escape the madness of Christmas go on a cruise only to face their worst nightmares when the children go missing in South America. Fiction.

The Fourth Monkey* by J.D. Barker. For over five years, the Four Monkey Killer has terrorized the residents of Chicago. When his body is found, the police quickly realize he was on his way to deliver one final message, one which proves he has taken another victim who may still be alive. Fiction.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much* by Amanda Quick. When Hollywood moguls and stars want privacy, they head to an idyllic small town on the coast, where the exclusive Burning Cove Hotel caters to their every need. It's where reporter Irene Glasson finds herself staring down at a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool... Fiction.

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. This fiendishly brilliant, riveting thriller weaves a classic whodunit worthy of Agatha Christie into a chilling, ingeniously original modern-day mystery. This deviously dark take on vintage English crime fiction places the reader as detective. Fiction.

The Marsh King's Daughter by Karen Dionne. When the notorious child abductor, “The Marsh King,” escapes from a maximum security prison in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula wilderness, Helena Pelletier is sure she can use the hunting and tracking skills she learned as a child to find him. After all, she's his daughter. Fiction.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness* by Arundhati Roy. From the cramped neighborhoods of Old Delhi and the roads of the new city to the mountains and valleys of Kashmir and beyond, where war is peace and peace is war, Roy gives readers an aching love story and examination of what makes us human. Fiction.

The People We Hate at the Wedding by Grant Ginder. Paul and Alice’s half-sister Eloise is getting married! In London! There will be fancy hotels, dinners at “it” restaurants and a reception at a country estate complete with tea lights and embroidered cloth napkins. They couldn’t hate it more. Fiction.

The Presidency in Black and White: My Up-Close View of Four Presidents and Race in America by April Ryan. Journalist April Ryan gives readers a compelling and personal behind-the-scenes look at race relations in contemporary America from the epicenter of American power and policy making, the White House, her beat since 1997. Nonfiction.

Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean* by Morten Stroksnes. This is the true story of two friends, the author and the eccentric artist Hugo Aasjord, as they embark on a wild pursuit of the infamous Greenland shark--from a tiny rubber boat. Together, the two men tackle existential questions, survive the world's most powerful maelstrom, and, yes, get drunk. Nonfiction.

This Phenomenal Life: The Amazing Ways We Are Connected with Our Universe by Misha Blaise. The author provides illustrations for a trove of scientific facts to demonstrate how closely humans are intertwined with the natural world. Playing with both meanings of the word 'phenomenal,' Blaise depicts a vibrant visual world shared with ethnically and culturally diverse humans. Nonfiction.

Looking for more good reads and listens? Stop by our Summer Book Buzz at Denver Public Library, Central, on June 10, 1:30-2:30 p.m., being held in the Burnham Hoyt Book Club Room. We'll have representatives from HarperCollins and Rowman Littlefield joining us to give the inside scoop on recent and new releases. No registration required, and every attendee will go home with a free book!

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